You have entered an incorrect email address! Why not do some shed hunting while you're out for turkey season? Many shed hunters enjoy the reward of finding and getting to keep a freshly shed antler. Begin by researching the best dog breeds for a shed antler hunting dog. Now sometimes during the year, they’re more vocal than they are at other times, including a deer in the rut. Of course, when you find the antlers, admire them. This could cause them to drop their antlers on the ground you don’t have permission to hike or even jeopardize the life of a deer already on the brink from winter stress. Glass the field using an 8- or 10-power binocular looking for antler tips or shiny spots of white. Shed hunting is a popular topic this time of year, but one aspect that often gets overlooked is, “What are the best shed hunting conditions?” As you know, whitetails and weather are practically attached at the hip, so why would you think it’s any different when it comes to weather and shed antlers? These are trails leading to and from the bedding areas. Shed hunting has become so popular that guided week-long “shed hunts” in prime areas can cost $2,500 or more with food and lodging included. Some shed addicts prefer to begin early in hopes of finding a jackpot giant antler, but there could be consequences. It grew a drop tine five years in a row, but broke it off all but one year. Pheasant smokes quickly, and it generates a flavorful, moist product when done. Dogs can cover far more ground, are a lot more willing to go into those dense tangles that you avoid, and they have a much greater sense of smell (and yes, sheds do have an odor). As the days near closer to a buck losing his antlers, they loosen up. Regardless of your position on why deer shed antlers annually, antlers now have national attention. For deer and big game animals, these may be located in thickets, tall grass, and pockets of timber. Beer and beef broth add great flavors to any stew. Learn tips and strategies for scouting and finding shed antlers. Popular hunting breeds such as Labradors and golden retrievers have noses, enthusiasm and endurance to support your shed antler hunting goals. Bird hunters already know the benefits of having a dog’s nose out in the field. Lay the Essential Foundation from Jeremy's proven teaching methods which can … But it didn't need to either. And many people find unique and creative ways to make use of the antlers that shed hunters obtain. Shed hunting has evolved from a way to kill some time on early-spring weekends to a sport all its own. In and around feeding areas, you should also look for edges with dips, depressions, heads of ravines and low spots shielded from prevailing winds - bedding areas - as these are often reliable big shed producers. Well, that's probably because you were looking too hard. It can help you strategize for the next hunting season. However, it may not be for everyone. The first reason to get into shed hunting is simply for the joy of the hunt. I’ve personally backed this up with my own experience and generally stumble across larger antlers early in the winter and find numerous smaller antlers later retracing the same areas. Even more amazing is the fact that in the peak of summer a bull elk can grow an inch of antler a day and a deer can grow a half inch of antler daily. That can also get your foot in the door for hunting season. It's important to do your research on the animals whose shed antlers you're searching for. These will be dense, covered areas that animals spend most of their day hiding from predators, making them a perfect shed location. [CDATA[/* >*/ I hollered loudly for my dad and sons - similar to how I get everyone's attention when the first morel mushroom of the season has, One of the most rewarding activities of being a GameKeeper is picking up sheds on the ground you manage. The best results for any shed hunting dog come from planning and specific training that begins at an early age. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545} span.Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre} EASY TO FOLLOW: This Dog Bone Training DVD will help you build a solid foundation for you pup. The same goes for big breeds, especially if Oprah has been eyeing your dog for a Weight Watchers’ ad campaign. It may go without saying and might sound a little cheesy, but don't forget to have fun. The New Year is an excellent opportunity to reassess your old routines and inject them with some new life. It’s a tradition and not one soon to be lost. Supplemental feeding should never take the place of an overall balanced diet, but minerals like calcium and phosphorous can aid future antler growth in addition to helping does preparing to feed newborn fawns. Follow trails into thick cover and constantly scan for beds and areas deer seek for refuge from winter weather. So, they won't get far before shedding the other antler. Walk circles around the first one, and you'll more than likely find the other in no time. Jumping fences, spanning gullies and bounding over any obstacle could jolt an antler loose. The definition of shed hunting would be the pursuit of finding antlers that have been naturally shed by any antler-bearing mammal such as moose, caribou, elk and deer.  These dropped antlers are commonly referred to as "sheds" or "shed antlers. I have a home place not far from the house that ducks like. They have incredible sense of smell. There are actually advantages to having a lot of snow in the winter: sheds will become more concentrated. I used to bring my dog just for companionship but he soon developed a knack for finding sheds. It only makes sense then to start your search in and around feeding areas. Also, it can help you to find sheds from the same buck every year, and track their history. These make great trophies but check with your state wildlife agency on the legality of collecting antlers from a dead deer. Some people enjoy the hunt itself and the reward of admiring a fresh shed antler. Please read on as I dive into the nuts and bolts of some must-have items. She doesn’t embrace retrieving, but I keep a close eye on her as we hike. In addition to food plots and harvested fields, don’t overlook hayfields and haystacks stored for winter livestock feeding. Once you find a shed, definitely be excited and celebrate. And that could have caused the antlers to come loose. What Is Shed Hunting? It's crucial to find that sweet spot in the year for shed hunting season. These are the most popular articles from Mossy Oak in 2020. This recipe can be made with roasted or smoked pheasant. These breeds lead the pack today for shed hunting duties, but hunting breeds such as German shorthairs, Weimaraners, English pointers and others can easily transition into shed antler hunting with targeted training. Going too late does have three main negative points against it. This occurs quickly, but any jarring can jettison them on the spot. This breed can be stubborn and difficult… However, if the snow and cold come early it tends to concentrate deer into yards, making shed hunting easier. The first big meltdown in February, after it rains, is a great time to go as previously hidden sheds are revealed. This could lead to a bad habit and chaos if you have any decorative, landscape antlers lying outside of your house. Shed antler hunting continues to attract new participants. If you own or manage your own property you could also provide supplemental feed to local deer. This is done for the protections of the lands and animals. Searching for shed deer antlers is a growing pastime for whitetail deer hunters who are learning that the use of the family canine greatly increases the odds of recovering shed antlers. Tell everyone you can, and send them pictures. A reward system helps incentivize a puppy’s desire to please you and perform better during each session. They are trying to minimize stress on wildlife. Look everywhere you can. It takes a lot of luck and hours of roaming the woodlands the bucks inhabit. /*-->